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July 29 2012


Samurai Swords UK

Back in the early points during the sword manufacture, the production of super strong high-grade carbon steel wasn't even a vague dream. But we all know, as history has taught us, that sword makers of medieval times still were able to produce superb quality, strong weapons.

Samurai Swords UK

Samurai Swords UK

So precisely how was this possible dozens of hundreds of years ago? How did these ancient swordmakers manage to craft weapons of such high-quality? The thing that was the secret to the skill of taking low quality ore and turning it into the best quality steel blades? Well, it seems the whole process of Japanese samurai swords making was an highly advanced artform. It was not as simple as casting a sword shape with molten steel and sharpening a benefit. What the swords makers would do ended up being to hammer the heated and softened steel flat, and fold it over and hammer it flat again, and continue doing this process repeatedly, maybe by upto just as much as thirty times.

This is a very long and labor-intensive process, however in the continual folding and hammering with the steel, it might create internally something comparable to layers. Take a book and fold it parallel to the spine, roll up and you will probably see exactly what a swords structure inside would appear to be, and in addition see how strength increases. This gave the sword an excellent strength. As in most of Japanese culture, like Fighting styles for instance, many advancements and ways are related to emulating natures ways by observing natures patterns.

Frequently it's thought by some the idea because of this 'folding' to create the 'rings/layers' within the samurai sword came about by exploring the cross section of the inside of a tree trunk and observing just how these almost layer like rings of wood gave the tree the strength to stand upto natures forces without having to break quickly, however bending with the wind. This really is thought by some to become the concept which delivered the folded steel notion of Japans samurai swords.
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